Introducing Oracle's
NEW pioneering technology for fat reduction, building muscle and improving skin laxity

From £295

Oracle’s high intensity electromagnetic body sculpt and fat loss machine. A revolutionary new body sculpting treatment that simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat. Tones and lifts the buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs.

Builds gluteus maximus muscles to be the best shape and appearance by forming the prominence of the buttocks.





This is a 30 minute treatment, with a minimum of four sessions scheduled 2 to 3 days apart. 2 treatments per week.

This is non-invasive and requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation. The procedure itself feels like an intensive work out. 


You will  feel tangible results after the treatment, positive results are usually reported 2 to 4 weeks after your last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatment.


This is the only procedure to help both men and women burn fat and build muscle in all of those hard to treat areas. By building muscle and reducing unwanted fat at the same time, our clients who choose this treatment can enjoy a noticeably more defined body.

The treatment works by directing highly focused electro-magnetic energy to the targeted area. This forces muscles to contract in a way that is not possible through exercise. The muscles, in response to these contractions will rebuild themselves and fat will start to melt away more easily in the treated area.This is a revolutionary new body sculpting treatment that tones and lifts the abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs. 


Our lovely 50 year old client after only one treatment

  • 19% Average increases in muscle mass

  • 16% Average fat reduction

  • Sculpt & Tone the Abdomen, buttocks, arms and leg

  • No down time

  • Non-Surgical

  • Non-Evasive

Price list

The most advanced body contouring solution available to give you the best ever muscle strength and fat loss gains in the quickest amount of time.

Electro Magnetic. Sculpt  For Abs Or Buttocks

1 session x 30 mins. £450

4 sessions x 30 mins £1,400 

Electro Magnetic. Sculpt for Arms or Legs
1 session x 30 mins. £350
4 sessions x 30 mins £1,000


Combo Abs and buttocks

1 session x 60 mins. £600
4 sessions x 60 mins £2,000

Full Coverage Combo
- Abs, Buttocks, legs or arms

4 sessions £2,500