Vaginal Tightening

Intimate treatment

Many women have both internal and external changes in their private regions after childbirth and aging. This can include lax vaginal muscles and tissues as well as less attractive labia. These changes can even affect health, as women have decreased feeling in the area and reduced sexual pleasure. Hifu vaginal tightening is giving women the appearance and function they once enjoyed without incisions or stitches.

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Price list

  • Superficial................£495

  • Muscular....................£695

Natural Soap and Flowers

Had femiwand done! Suffered issues after giving birth 5 times. I would not have expected it to work as it has." AMAZING "

When I left I was given aftercare advice second to non, and stuck to it!! I am over the moon and Dune made me feel really comfortable from the minute I walked into the clinic. A definite must, I love it. 

Julie Wheybridge